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Guest blog by Holly Nardi, blogger at and associate, investment consulting, at one of the UK’s leading consultancies.

You’re not your audience. And by pitching to yourself, you’re excluding a tonne of people that want to join the party but don’t feel welcome (or that don’t understand the directions on the invite!)

Provided your content is reaching the right audience (which is a challenge in itself!), your readers are prospective clients. People you’re asking to part with their hard-earned cash so that you can manage their money for them. In this light, the key message of any content you produce should be how you’re going to make their life easier.

Handing over control of our money is scary, so your use of financial jargon is not impressive, it’s off-putting. Rather than trying to prove how clever you are (you got the gig so we know that already), why not instead try to empathise? Let your reader know, in plain English, that you understand the problem they’re facing and reassure them that you’re here to help.

For example, during a period of heightened market volatility, I care less about what happened to credit spreads and more about the impact this had on my money and how you intend to manage it.

In essence, stop using content as an outlet to blow your own intellectual trumpet, instead, see it as an opportunity to help your readers feel clued-up on a subject and confident that you were the right person to entrust with their savings.

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