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Get some personality

My first footballing hero was Crystal Palace winger Vince Hilaire.

A genius with a ball, wearing the coolest kit. What more could an eight year old boy want?

Fast forward several decades and my cultural tastes have expanded.

So has my reading list. It’s full of work things – the financial media, economic reports, thought leadership, client materials.

But there never seems to be any common ground between my cultural taste and my reading list. Hardly any of the investment content I read has any cultural references. It’s mostly devoid of personality.

There’s some excellent material out there but hardly any of it tells me something about the writer. What are they like? What motivates them? What could possibly connect us as writer and reader?

One of the most memorable bits of financial content I’ve read this year was MSCI’s “ESG trends to watch”.

It’s an important but dry subject that MSCI livened up with all sorts of cultural references. One of these even nods to the popular debate at the end of 2018 about whether “Die Hard” is a Christmas movie.

(With a UK ‘15’ rating I don’t think it qualifies FWIW).

So not only did MSCI expand my knowledge of ESG but they also entertained me.

This sort of things tells me that a company has a more imaginative approach to communications. If I ever become their client, they might have a personable, creative approach to that relationship too.

Small things can have a big impact.

And colourful references always stand out in an iron grey sea of the content, thought leadership, media commentary and investment.

If this sounds interesting please get in touch. We won’t insist on putting old music or football in your material – we have quite a wide universe of culture to work from.



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